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Our Services


At Eelaki Care Transportation (ECT), we pride ourselves on exceeding our clients' expectations in every phase of our service. Whether you need one-time transportation or a long-term schedule, we can accommodate you. Our goal is to provide our customers a prompt, excellent and secure mobility services. All our vehicles are designed for the comfort and safety of the patients.

Our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services includes:


Wheelchair services: This mode of transportation is designed for non-ambulatory patients who are able to sit upright in a wheelchair and are not likely to be in need of medical attention during transport.


Stretcher Services: Patients that require extensive assistance because they are unable to sit up for medical or comfort reasons, but are not likely to be in need of medical attention during transport service.


Ambulatory Services: Patients who need the addition of safety and personal attention not find by forms of public transportation. Also patients that is able to walk on their own with driver’s assistance. 


Our client’s most common destinations include:


•    Non-emergency Hospital Trip

•    Rehabilitation

•    Doctors’ Appointments

•    Hospitals & Nursing Facility Transportation

•    Parties, Special Events, Athletic Teams

•    Shopping and barber shop

•    Funerals

•    Nursing Homes, Day Care Centres

•    Dentists Visits

•    Outpatient Centres

•    Dialysis Centres

•    Hospital Transfers

•    Family & Social Occasions

•    Long distance transports including out of state transportation

•    Or anywhere you want to go, just simply call or make a reservation online.


Eelaki Care Transportation aim to build good strong relationships by ensuring that the patient receives high-quality service that can’t be bettered at the most efficient cost.